Congratulations on The Global Ray Kroc Awards 2022 to Jogesh Kanojia (Restaurant General Manager, Mumbai Airport – T2 store)

The prestigious Ray Kroc Awards, named in the honour of the McDonald’s Corporation founder Ray Kroc, is presented each year to Restaurant Managers selected from across all McDonald’s franchisees. The nominees for these awards are recognized for the critical role that they play as restaurant managers and for all their effort and contribution to the McDonald’s system. The 2022 awards celebrate 390 managers from across 60 markets for their contribution and dedication. Prizes include a trip to Orlando, USA, a chance to experience part of the McDonald’s Worldwide Convention to receive their trophy from McDonald’s senior leaders, as well as a cash prize.

We at McDonald’s are very proud of Jogesh Kanojia who is one of the top Restaurant Managers to receive The Global Ray Kroc Awards 2022. Here is a leader who has changed everything for the better with his management skills, innovative ideas, and perseverance. He successfully opened the McDonald’s restaurant at a premium location such as the Mumbai Airport International (T2) with a well-planned strategy.

Jogesh is a leader who is street smart and that reflects in the strategies that he developed and implemented. During the lockdown, Jogesh took charge of the situation and made a robust action plan. He was ready for peak hour business, without compromising on customer experience.

He has always delivered great hospitality to his customers, consistently setting the benchmark for hospitality standards. Jogesh believes in attention to detail and applied it when catering to international customers. He ensured that all the team members were well trained and hands-on with technology.  

Jogesh has hired employees from diverse backgrounds ensuring that the strength of each employee is leveraged to deliver supreme customer experience. He ensures that each team member is recognized for their efforts during crew meetings and that is a big motivator for them. His strong business acumen has helped achieve superior results in restaurant operations, people management and in building the overall business. Keep at it, Jogesh, and continue accomplishing greater things! Congratulations from the McDonald’s family.

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