McDonald’s India menu has something special for everyone

India’s very own ‘Festival of Giving’, a.k.a. The Joy of Giving Week, is here.No matter the occasion, or no occasion for that matter, good food perks up anyone’s mood, anytime and anywhere. And what better way to begin spreading love and joy than with some McDonald’s?

McDonald’s – The Ultimate Joy-Giving Foodie Destination

No matter which city you’re in, there’s always a McDonald’s India outlet(or maybe even more!) where you can go at the day’s end to enjoy a fulfilling meal. No matter whether you have a hankering or are grabbing a breather after a long workday, nothing cheers you up like your favourite item from the McDonald’s India menu.

If the thought of eating a delish burger from the McDonald’s India menu can bring you so much happiness, imagine sharing the joy forward.

Beat the heat with a Soft Serve

October is here, which means – October heat! The best way to beat the heat is with a lip-smackin’ soft serve. After all, who doesn’t love vanilla icecream with chocolate sauce dripping on top? A soft serve is a great way to relivechildlike happiness.

  • The perfect desi McDonald’s meal – the McAloo Tikki Burger
    The McAloo Tikki Burger is an absolute fave on the McDonald’s India menu. But what’s the secret? The beauty of the McAloo Tikki Burger is that it’s a desi spin on the traditional burger. The potato and peas tikki is cooked to perfection and laced with special desi masalas and breadcrumbs. So, you might be eating a burger, but one that is totally Indian at heart – and in taste! All in all, the McAloo Tikki Burger is sure to bring smiles all around.
  • It’s Mexican Cheesy Fries to the rescue
    One of the items on the McDonald’s India menu that can bring a wide, 360-watt smile to anyone’s face, any day of the week – the Mexican Cheesy Fries! McDonald’s French fries are a winner as it is. When you drizzle the spicy red sauce and the melt-in-the-mouth cheese sauce, it’s enough to perk up one’s mood. Back-to-back meetings and deadlines are about to get a whole lot better in the Joy of Giving Week!

So, which item from the McDonald’s India menu would you choose to share joy? Walk into any of the McDonald’s India outlets and pick a favourite or head over to experience the I’m lovin’ it moments!

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