What makes our McSpicy Premium Burgers oh so hot and wholesome?

What do you do when you crave a rich and indulgent burger but don’t want to miss out on the spiciness?

It’s simple: you order a McSpicy Premium Veg Burger or a McSpicy Premium Chicken Burger (or both) from the McDonald’s Gourmet Burger Collection.

Both burgers feature the finest ingredients on Earth, some of which will set your heart and taste buds on fire.

What are these various premium ingredients and flavours? Let’s find out.

Toasted Whole Wheat Buns

Produced at the state-of-the-art facility in Maharashtra, our fresh and perfectly toasted Whole Wheat Buns keep things premium and wholesome in these tantalising burgers. They’re the spice-free prelude to a spice-loaded burger experience.

Flavourful Sauces

If it’s a McSpicy Premium Burger from the McDonald’s Gourmet Burger Collection, the sauces inside should be just as fiery and fabulous. Our velvety cocktail sauce in the McSpicy Premium Veg Burger and hot habanero sauce in the McSpicy Premium Chicken Burger will leave a delicious aftertaste as well. Both burgers also have a creamy cheese sauce to make things more sinful.

Earthy jalapeños

These exotic scorching peppers up the burgers’ heat and premium-ness at the same time.

Shredded lettuce

This lush carpet of green sourced from the Nilgiris is refreshing, as well as top-notch.

Hearty cheese slice

A smooth slice of cheese in a burger is a reward in itself. And ours is a high-quality one that comes straight from the dairy hub of Baramati, Maharashtra.

Juicy patty

While a spicy paneer patty occupies the hot seat in the McSpicy Premium Veg Burger, its succulent chicken-based counterpart in the McSpicy Premium Chicken Burger is just as fiery, if not more. The McSpicy Premium Chicken Burger also boasts a freshly steamed egg patty for some added nourishment.

Get these two dynamite burgers from the McDonald’s Gourmet Burger Collection NOW! Head to your nearest McDonald’s restaurant for a bite. Or order from the McDelivery website or app.

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