McSpicy Fried Chicken – Rashmika Mandanna just can’t get enough!

If you have ever tasted the McSpicy fried chicken you would agree that resisting its scrumptious taste is difficult.
The National crush of India, Rashmika Mandanna totally agree with you..

Since she had her first juicy bite of the McSpicy Fried Chicken, she clearly can’t seem to get enough of it.
The new McDonald’s films very aptly show her craze and obsession for McSpicy Fried Chicken. Her joy…literally knows no bounds.

As Rashmika Mandanna joined the family of McDonald’s, this spicy collaboration drove all of us in an over-the-top, frenzied excitement. And, as a part of this latest campaign, we at Mcdonald’s launched two quirky, light-hearted films showing Rashmika Mandanna relishing the all-new McSpicy Fried Chicken and how she can’t seem to stop raving and relishing it. You need to watch it…to believe it.

The films show the simple phenomena that eating or even thinking of snacking on anything other than the McSpicy Fried Chicken is just a preposterous idea. The love for chicken supersedes everything else. And rightly so!

For all those of you who haven’t dug into the McSpicy Fried Chicken; it’s is made with the best quality chicken and is marinated using the spiciest chilies. It’s fiery and spicy till the last bite. Phew!

To add to the taste extravaganza, McDonald’s promises the safest experience as well. These testing times are for us to be precautious but keeping the quality and hygiene intact. The convenience and safety of Mcdonald’s contactless delivery and takeout options make sure that you relish on your favourite food without any worries.

Drop by your nearest Mcdonald’s outlet, order-in or select the take-away option and indulge in spicy memories with your friends and families. Psst… it’s not a bad option to not share with anyone and gorge on it peacefully, either!

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