Reinventing Your McDonald’s Experience To Suit The Changing Times


The pandemic that took over our lives in 2020 forced our hand and made us change our ways significantly. The lockdowns that followed had us going without our favourite people and things for a very long time. The sombre mood and the nervousness of living during such difficult times had taken over our lives. As the lockdowns were lifted and restrictions were relaxed, it gave us an opportunity to reinvent and innovate new solutions so that you can enjoy your McDonald’s favourites.

Reinventing your McDonald’s Experience

At McDonald’s, we used this lockdown duration to recreate our services for you. Whether it was redesigning our restaurants to accommodate social distancing norms, or thinking of new ways to bring McDonald’s to you, all our services were being reimagined to give you a safe and secure experience.

Persistent in our commitment

While many things changed around us, some things have remained constant. Our commitment to serving you safe, hygienic and delicious food is one thing that has remained a constant throughout this time. The way you hang out with your loved ones, recharge after a long day or enjoy your favourite foods might have changed, our commitment to provide safe and hygienic meals has only been reinforced. And this commitment has led us to create new mediums to deliver McDonald’s to you.

Introducing the new and renewed

Due to the recent drastic change in our lives, we are not able to share the joy of eating together like before. McDonald’s have recently launched a TVC campaign featuring the trust and convenience we provide at our restaurant. These TVC’s gives you a glimpse of your all-time favourite food experience at McDonald’s with the promise of safe and secure food. 

These ads are slice of life stories which feel familiar to all of us sharing this pandemic experience together. Where, we showcase the convenience & safety of McDonald’s contactless delivery and take-out options, which have been redesigned for your convenience and safety.

While we adjust to the new normal, you can drop by McDonald’s outlet, order-in or opt for one of the many take away options to celebrate the little joys of life, bond over your favourite food and share a safe meal without any worry. Our commitment to your safety and wellbeing will continue to remain our priority and stay constant during these difficult times.

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