A Guide to #LovinItAtHome

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Being confined to one place and one place only is not the most ideal situation, we can all agree on that. But if you think there isn’t much you can do to make the most of this lockdown period and work from home successfully, you couldn’t be more wrong. There are a few things that can help you have a nice time all by yourself, and even increase your productivity if you are working from home.

Have a morning routine


You’re probably thinking, what’s the use of getting ready if you’re not stepping out of the house anyway? But a morning routine doesn’t always have to be about “getting ready to go out” right? It can also be about setting a mood or a routine.

Some people like to have a shower, run a bath, make strong coffee, do yoga, meditate, play with their dog, listen to music, prepare breakfast, watch news, water their plants, among an endless list of other things. Have a pick at whatever makes you happy in the morning because sometimes, a great start of the day makes all the difference.

Do something new


What to do with the time you usually spend commuting? All sort of things actually? Bake, or do some meal prepping. Spend an hour learning a language online. Paint. Make a list of all the things you plan to do once this lockdown is over. Or just go on a cleaning spree. Sometimes an organized wardrobe, a well-dusted shelf, or a shiny kitchen sink are all you need to feel good.

Pay attention to your work space

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Does your work space inspire creativity? Given the lockdown situation, going out is a no-no, however, you can always bring the outside in. Have some of your tougher outdoor plants surround your desk and you’ll notice how it changes the vibe of your workplace from lackluster to vibrant.

In fact, studies have even shown that a biophilic design can give you a sense of being away in nature, which in turn can relieve your stress and boost your productivity. Guess having plants is not just about aesthetics.

Limit your chair time

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A lot of people have found standing desks, or simply put, standing and working, to be helpful for correcting slouchiness and bad posture. Also, sitting slouched right after meals can lead to indigestion that can further lead to other health problems. To avoid cases like these, try setting up a place where you can stand and work till you’re ready for your usual chair time.

And lastly but most importantly guys, don’t forget to wash your hands frequently, sanitize your desk, phone, mug, and every other object you hold in the house everyday. Stay safe and keep lovin’ it at home.

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