3 Million McDonald’s App Users Are Lovin’ Us!

3 Million McDonald's App

Exactly one year back we launched the McDonald’s App to give our loyal and loving customers exactly what they wanted – pocket-friendly personalized offers, exclusive discounts, and good food stories among other things. And we can’t believe the app has over 3 million users now!

We celebrated 10 million cups of coffee sold recently. To be back again on the million-count milestone train feels overwhelming, to say the least. And to celebrate this moment, we have come up with a range of amazing offers on the app. For example, there is a buy one get one free offer on Iced Coffee and Lemon Iced Tea. If you buy a McChicken Burger, you will get a McAloo Tikki burger absolutely free. Get more such offers on the app today. Download your McDonald’s App now if you haven’t already.

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