Behind Handcrafted McCafé Coffee

McCafe Barista India

Our baristas go through extensive training to learn about things like the history of coffee, extraction techniques and latte art. As a result, they make rich, velvety, handcrafted coffee for every order at McCafé. Recently, we talked to Mamta Sharma, a McCafé barista at McDonald’s Hill Road, Mumbai about what she likes the most about her job.

“I love being a McCafé barista because I love the aroma of coffee. I love the little details that go into making a good cup of handcrafted coffee,” says Mamta. “For example, if you add too much coffee, your beverage will be bitter, and if you add less coffee, it will be bland. It is very important to add just the right amount of coffee.”

Mamta then went on to talk about her colleagues who have now become her friends. “It is very important to have supportive people at work,” she says. It was her birthday, so they had made a quick cake from McDonald’s buns and fresh cream before she left to celebrate the day with her family members.

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