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Meet The Truly Indian Burgers

When McDonald’s launched its first restaurant in India, the menu had Indian Flavours written all over it.  From the names of the burgers – McAloo Tikki and Maharaja Mac – to the spicy, chatpate flavors, the Indian-ness was in full measure.

But somehow, we have never really talked about that one thing that makes our burgers truly Indian: its Indian ingredients!    

The Maharaja Mac Burger

With more than two decades of lovin’ by countless McDonald’s fans across the country, the Maharaja Mac is as Indian as it gets. Featuring Karnataka’s jalapenos and tomatoes from farms of western India, this is a burger that is as diverse as the country it came from.

The McAloo Tikki Burger

What makes McAloo Tikki so delicious? Amongst other things, it has the softest buns (made in Maharashtra bakeries) and the best-quality potatoes that are grown in Gujarat.

The McVeggie Burger

The vegetarians’ favorite burger has crunchy Iceberg lettuce from Nilgiri and oh-so-good cheese from Amravati. Taste a bit of India in every bite!

They say that Unity in Diversity is the true representation of the Indian culture. And this Independence Day, we are celebrating the diversity of our ingredients. Because why not! After all, our burgers are as Indian as it gets.

Best wishes and a Happy Independence Day to all!

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