And Then There Were Three Hundred

During the last 23 years of serving world-class good food to our patrons, we have grown a lot. We opened restaurants in cities, big and small, and we came up with new menu items, inspired by both local and global cuisines. And amidst all the excitement and expansion plans, we have consistently achieved our goal of growing responsibly. Today, as we have our 300th store in India (West & South) up and running, that’s exactly what we are going to talk about.

What is responsible growth for us?

We believe that as one of the largest QSR companies in India, we have the responsibility to drive real change that can help everyone. So, when we say we are growing responsibly, we mean we are taking measures and adopting practices that positively impact our suppliers, farmers, employees and our surroundings. Here are a few ways we are doing that.

We are sourcing locally

We have a commitment towards the communities we operate in. Which is why we source over 90% of our requirements, including equipment and more than 95% food products and ingredients from our vendors across India. We intend to keep it that way.

We are reducing our usage of plastic

Most of our restaurants across South and West India have switched to eco-friendly cutlery now. We are using spoons, stirrers and forks made of paper or other biodegradable materials like corn starch. Our goal: To reduce more than 200 tonnes of plastic every year.

We are using biodiesel

And we are not sourcing it from a third party. We are using our own used cooking oil to create biodiesel which is fuelling our logistics fleet. Right now, we are saving over 420,000 litres of crude oil annually. And we aim to go higher every year.

We are saving water

For us, water conservation matters. From rainwater harvesting to going for waterless urinals and smart hand wash systems, we are taking a variety of measures to save as much water as we can. In the years to come, we plan to go even more aggressive on this.

These are a few of the many steps that we have taken – some from the beginning, others incorporated mid-way — to grow as a responsible QSR company. With the milestone of our 300th store-launch, we pledge to continue our efforts with the same zeal and zest.

Our 300th store is located at Churchgate, Mumbai.

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