Adopt a Four-Legged Friend With Happy Meal

Get ready to unbox your favorite tail-wagging, bone-eating, fuzzy characters from The Secret Life of Pets 2 with every McDonald’s Happy Meal. Yep, you heard that right! Not only is Max and his squad back, but now you can even get the chance to take ‘em home, like you’ve always wanted to. Double the good news, double the fun, right?

From the start, the movie had played around our imagination and curiosity about what our pets are really up to when they’re home alone. Thanks to that curiosity which made the aggressively cute movie The Secret Life of Pets so enjoyable and wholesome to watch.

And now that Max and his adorable fluffy entourage are back again in The Secret Life of Pets 2, you must be all set to embark on yet another crazy adventure with them just as much as they’re ready to send you into fits of laughter all the while making you go “Awww.”

Find out who’s waiting for you

McDonald’s Happy Meal has an exciting line-up for you, so get ready to find out who you’ll be taking home. Will it be Max, Daisy, Gidget, Rooster, Captain Snowball, Chloe, Norman, or Buddy? In fact, why don’t you try and take ’em all with you? Just imagine having Max and his lovable friends protecting you while you’re home, and carrying on with their silly adventures (or misadventures) when you’re away. Won’t the world be a better place with their company adorning our mundane and chaotic lives (as all pets do)? Yeah, it will.

And as far as surprises go, we have Daisy on a skateboard, Norman on his hamster wheel, Max in his cone of shame (making him look even more adorable) and so much more in store for you guys.

So rush to your nearest McDonald’s India outlet (West&South) for a Happy Meal today, because a furry friend is waiting on you for a loving home.

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