McDonald’s Celebrates International Burger Day With Buy One Get One Free Burger Festival!

Since you are reading this post, we can safely assume that you are a McDonald’s fan. Or a burger fan. Or both. We guess you love your McDonald’s burgers in all shapes and kinds. Desi kinds, Cheesy kinds, Spicy kinds, vegetarian kinds. The works.

28 May happens to be international burger day, an important day a foodie and a burger connoisseur like you must know about. It’s a day that celebrates our love for burgers. The origin of burgers remains debated, but celebrating Burger Day shouldn’t be. So how to celebrate International Burger Day, you may ask. We have a great idea. Why don’t you head over to McDonald’s for a burgerthon (burger marathon) with a fellow burger enthusiast? And while you are at it, you may want to know the offer we have for you.

Ek Se Bhale Do!

Celebrating International burger day with the rest of the world, McDonald’s India (West & South) hopes to keep all burger lovers satisfied with the latest buy-one-get-one-free burger offer because two is definitely better than one. The offer is exclusively available on McDonald’s app so if you haven’t downloaded the app yet then this an opportune moment to do so, don’t you think?

Simply open your McDonald’s app and head over to the offer section to find the Ek Se Bhale Do offer which you can redeem at your nearest McDonald’s outlet. This special offer is out for an entire week- May 22-28, so make sure you do not miss it guys!

Here’s hoping you have a happy and stuffed International burger day!

Grab the offer while it lasts!

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