McDonald’s And TSP Bring The Story Of Every Family

When it comes to having important family discussions, one always needs a comfortable, friendly ambience, like that at McDonald’s, especially when you are looking for some support from your loved ones. This Family Day, TSP and McDonald’s bring to you a story of a family that supports each other. Well almost 🙂

So meet Rahul and his family (theatrics included) from the touching and hilarious new TSP episode, Papa Actor Banna Chahte Hain. Yes, Rahul’s middle-aged dad is going to pursue his dream to become an actor and has to convince Dadaji, the head of the family, and a tough nut to crack. What happens next is a must-watch twist for everyone who loves a good family drama.

Watch the series to see how every family has a story to tell, and how McDonald’s has acted as the perfect setting for numerous such family stories and dramas.

At McDonald’s, countless such heartwarming stories happen everyday over burgers, Coke, Iced Teas, world’s best fries and one of its kind soft-serves. We are glad to be a part of each one of them.

Happy Family Day everyone! From our family to yours.

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