McDonald’s Arches Into The Holy Land Of Tirupati

McDonald's Tirupati

A change of scene from the quiet seaside and the bustling metropolises of South and West India, McDonald’s has now found its way into the holy land of Tirupati.

Andhra Pradesh’s very own “Spiritual Capital” now has McDonald’s right in the heart of the city. The new restaurant is located on the ground floor of BNR SV Mall and is now serving delicious menu items like Mexican McAloo Tikki Burger, Chicken Kebab Burger, Veg and Chicken Maharaja Mac, and the world-famous fries from 10 am to 11pm.

Besides chowing down your favorite burgers like the McAloo Tikki burger or McChicken burger and chugging down your favorite cold beverage, you can even order for a McCafé beverage like the Iced coffee or American Mud Pie or the good ol’ Cappuccino before you get on with your day.

McDonald's Tirupati, McDonald's Andhra Pradesh

You can also enjoy a range of breakfast menu items like Dosa Masala Brioche, Masala Scrambled Eggs, and Corn & Spinach McMuffin between 7 to 10 am everyday.

That’s not all! You can order all these and more from the McDelivery app if you don’t feel like stepping out of your house.

From marveling at the sight of the pilgrims who arrive in droves every day, to visiting the beautiful heritage sites and temples, there is always something to do and see in Tirupati. Make a quick stop at McDonald’s for a bite before or after you go about visiting all the famous sites in and around India’s “Best Heritage City.”

This is the 112th McDonald’s restaurant in South India.

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