Whose Spice Is It Anyway?

Who wants the last fry? Everyone. Should people go offline at times? Of course, they should. Why is everyone in a good mood? Coz it’s Friday. Simple questions. They are the best. Let us throw at you another simple question – what does spices mean?

Not so simple to answer, right? For some, it can be simple indeed. Green chillies all the way! Or maybe not just teekha, a little bit khatta as well. But ask a few more people and you will have a difficult time wrapping your head around the answers. Which is exactly why McDonald’s India (West & South) has come up with a “What’s Your Spice Fest” offering various kinds of spice this season.

The Masaledar Spice!

Green chilli naan at mcdonalds

For the most uncomplicated kind of spice lovers, green chillies are everything. The Green Chilli Aloo and Green Chilli Chicken Kebab are especially for these Masaledar spice fans.

The Chatpata Spice

Salsa Bean burger at McDonalds

Let’s add some more drama to the chillies, like some lemon juice, cumin, and black pepper. Bet you can already smell something chatpata in the making! We are talking about the all-new Salsa Bean burger and Salsa Chicken burger. They are everything a chatpata spice person can ask for.

The Spicy Spice

Spicy Burger at McDonalds

Some people just love their spices. Turmeric, black pepper, red chillies, coriander, yeah bring it on! So for the spicy spice kinds, McDonald’s India (West & South) brings the McSpicy Paneer and the McSpicy Chicken burger.

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