The EOTF Fever Is Catching On: Are You Ready?

McDonald's EOTF

Ratings for the McDonald’s “Experience of The Future” (EOTF) restaurants have been consistently up this year. The verdict is clear. Customers are loving McDonald’s EOTF.

So it comes as no surprise that McDonald’s India (West & South) has decided to convert a third of its 281 restaurants into EOTF. Over the next four years, select McDonald’s outlets will undergo changes like installation of self-ordering kiosks and wireless chargers.

How did it happen?

As Amit Jatia, Vice Chairman of Westlife Development puts it, “People are increasingly getting more comfortable with technology,” the demand for digital services is on the rise. For example, self-ordering kiosks give customers a quick way to customize their order. Just select the add-ons and add them to your cart.

Not just that, there is free wifi, which means customers can work on their laptops while munching on their favourite Chicken McNuggets. There are tablets which customers can use to play games while their order is getting ready. The restaurants also have power saving LED lights and sustainable smart handwash systems that save water.

The first EOTF restaurant was launched in 2017 at Nariman Point, Mumbai. The response was huge and over the last one and a half years, about six more restaurants have been converted into EOTF. With EOTF, McDonald’s aims to transform the customer experience, make the entire restaurant experience more convenient and modern, through technology.

Have you had your EOTF experience yet? Write your answers in the comments section.

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