How McDonald’s Makes Its Delicious and Crispy Fries

So have you wondered why it’s next to impossible to replicate at home the simplicity that seems to be, McDonald’s French fries? Is there a special ingredient? What makes them so irresistibly crispy and delicious? How to get that texture?

Well, here to spill all the beans, is this very informative video shared on social media by Food Network.

McDonald’s goes through a rather rigorous process to ensure that you enjoy every bite of its world-famous fries. With 3.5 billion pounds (1.6 million kilograms) of fries produced every year, McDonald’s has proper quality control measures in place – from manual, where people cut imperfections off potatoes, to the extremely hi-tech where they use optical sensors to look for defects.

Watch the video to know more.

Video Courtesy: Food Network

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