Seven Changes You Haven’t Noticed at McDonald’s

It’s no mean feat to deliver a consistent, great taste for pretty much all the menu items, old and new, over the years at McDonald’s. But did you know that there have been many subtle but significant changes that McDonald’s India (West & South) has made in its food in the last few years? No idea what we are talking about? Read on.

No artificial flavours and preservatives in our patties

mcdonalds patties

The perfect golden brown colour and the delectable taste of McDonald’s patties have nothing to do artificial colours and preservatives now. It’s all fresh ingredients and pure taste!

The patties have more dietary fibre now

mcspicy patty

Dietary fibre means two very important things. Firstly, fibre ensures less oil is absorbed when the patties are being fried. And secondly, it makes the patties easy to digest. Win-win, right?

Our sauces have lesser oil now

The oil content in the sauces has come down by 25 percent from 67 percent. This brings down the calories by up to 40 percent in the sauces.

Less sodium in fries, chicken nuggets, and sauces

mcdonalds fries
Yes, we know that our fries taste just the same. But they have actually gotten better. McDonald’s has reduced its sodium content by 20% on fries and 10% on chicken nuggets and sauces.

Soft-serve has less than 4% fat

best dessert at mcdonald's
When it comes to desserts, McDonald’s soft-serves are one of the best low-fat options anyone can ever have. Not just that, unlike many other frozen desserts, McDonald’s soft-serve is made of milk and not vegetable oil.

We have whole wheat wraps now

mcdonalds wraps
As our customers change their preferences, so do we. So for those who like to keep a balance of health and taste, our whole wheat wraps are just right for you. Try it at our outlets today.

McAloo Tikki burger is a balanced meal.

mcaloo tikki burger

If we compare the NIN’s suggested amount of protein, fat, and carbohydrates required in a balanced meal, the McAloo Tikki burger stands out as a wholesome meal in itself. This means you can now enjoy your McAloo Tikki burger knowing it is just simple, good food.

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