The Great American Burger

american supreme burger

In a world where digital media has diminished many boundaries, millennials know more about foreign countries than their previous generations. And when it comes to global cuisine, it’s difficult not to notice America’s love for burgers. Burgers are the ultimate comfort food for many Americans.

american burger eating

They come in so many variants – spicy, non-spicy, with lettuce, without lettuce, vegetarian, non-vegetarian, single patty, double patty – you name it. They are all easily available, yet few of the tastiest food items that also go easy on the pockets. Burgers struck all the right chords with Americans ever since they were first assembled in the late 1880s.

american burger history sketch

McDonald’s India’s latest offering, American Cheese Supreme burger, has been made keeping in mind some of the best ingredients used in American food – cheese (loads of it), grilled chicken, corn and jalapenos. This means that every bite into this burger is totally filled with classic American flavours. And if you want to take the American quotient a level up, you can order the Cream and Onion Shake Shake fries as well.

The Flavours Without Borders range will be available only for a short period of time. So you may like to rush your next visit to McDonald’s to not miss these American flavours.

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