Where Coke Tastes So Good

If you are one of the many people who has always wondered why Coke tastes so good at McDonald’s, you are reading the right blog at the moment.

First of all, let us tell you that the fresh taste of Coke at McDonald’s is not an accident. There are careful measures taken by the brand to ensure that the beverage you have ordered, tastes exactly how it should.
Now, let’s move on to see how it works.

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McDonald’s gets Coca-Cola delivered to their outlets in stainless steel containers (and not plastic containers as used by most restaurants). This ensures a fresher taste.

Keeping it cool

McDonald’s also pre-chills the Coke syrup and water. Cold temperature results to better carbonation and hence better, bubblier taste.

Fresh H2O

The brand boasts of world class filtration system to provide fresh water at its outlets. Good quality water means good quality beverages.

The perfect sip

This may sound simple, but not many restaurants offer a wide straw like McDonald’s with their soft-drinks. A wide straw helps all the Coke taste to hit your senses!

A combination of these measures has made sure McDonald’s fountain Coke tastes nothing less than perfect.

In a recent McDonald’s ad, actress Mindy Kaling talks about the good taste of Coke at McDonald’s without mentioning the name of the brand even once. Take a look.

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