Celebrating The Spirit of India

As we are all geared up to celebrate India’s 71st Independence Day, here is a look at a few McDonald’s ads that celebrated the spirit of India.

Arranged Marriage Mein Love

Getting to know someone and actually falling in love with them after marriage, it does happen in India, albeit at its own sweet speed. There are little things that can expedite the process though. Sweet gestures of a husband in this McDonald’s ad is a perfect example.

Pakka Indian Hai

A little boy wants to buy a burger for his friend. Since he has no money, his father agrees to help. But the boy makes it very clear that he will only accept it if it was a loan. How does he plan to return the money? No prizes for guessing – “Thoda thoda kar ke.”

Vegetarian Tuesdays

Not eating non-vegetarian food on Tuesdays, or even Thursdays and Saturdays? No worries, there are so many vegetarian options available at McDonald’s India. The ad talked about a practice that is quintessential Indian and how we, unlike many other countries, never run short of vegetarian options.

Hum Hain Different But Together

On the face of it, the ad may seem to have little to do with India or Indian-ness. It may not speak about India, but with the kinds of friendships the ad runs the viewers through, the bonds it celebrates, it is not too difficult to guess that it is all about the diversity in the country.

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