Can You Solve This McDonald’s Maths Puzzle?


If only one had such mouth-watering math puzzles at school, getting good grades would have been child’s play!

The above quiz was posted on a McDonald’s international website. Of course, most people who played it, thought they had it all wrapped up. But…surprise…not everyone got the correct answer, because like all great quizzes, this too happened to be a trick question.

Well, if you had a go yourself, and if your answer is not 15, you have thousands of Facebook users giving you company.

Clue: Now You See Them

The only way you wouldn’t have got the right answer would have been if you missed the fact that there were two packets of fries in row 3, and only one in row four.

Oh, that sinking feelin’ when you miss a pack of McDonald’s French Fries – in a quiz or in real life…

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