#UnSkipBreakfast And Turnaround Your Life!


It may not be an exaggeration to say that if you UnSkipBreakfast, you can make a 360-degree change in your life.

Most people use the morning rush-hour as an excuse to skip breakfast. If only they knew that eating that first meal of the morning, that too at the right time (within two hours of waking up), makes them happier, healthier and smarter, they would get a head-start in these trying times.

How, happier? The stress hormone cortisol is at its peak at around 7 AM. When no food arrives to calm it down, it skyrockets, making one not only hungry, but angry – hangry, in other words. Jittery and anxious are the moods that follow soon. Having breakfast is the only way to break this vicious cycle and become happier.

How healthier? When you skip breakfast, the body goes into storage mode and starts stocking up on fat, anticipating periods of hunger. This results in slow metabolism. Also, according to some studies, breakfast lowers chances of getting diabetes and heart disease.

When you skip breakfast, effectively, you are continuing to remain in the “fasting” mode after eight hours of fasting through the night. This makes the blood sugar fluctuate. When the blood sugar drops to a dangerous low, you quickly find yourself becoming cranky and fatigued early in the morning, leading to Monday blues.

So, UnSkipBreakfast, and you hold the key to becoming your smart self again. If you still need a reason to UnSkipBreakfast, remember, most breakfast foods are bursting with all the essential nutrients – calcium, iron, B vitamins, protein and fibre – that the body needs. They are quite unlikely to be compensated later in the day if missed at breakfast.

McDonald’s Breakfast Menu

McDonald’s West & South India, a subsidiary of Westlife Development, has launched McBreakfast, bringing the most delicious as well as nutritious dishes to satisfy that early morning hunger.  It is served from 8-11 AM.

From the McEgg, a steamed egg with the added flavours of classic mayonnaise, chopped onions and magic masala inside a toasted bun, to the Egg & Cheese McMuffin, a steamed egg served with a slice of cheese inside a muffin, there’s a yummy treat for egg lovers. For vegetarians, there’s the Veg McMuffin, grilled vegetable patty with spinach and tender corn, served with a cheese slice, besides Veg Supreme McMuffin, for those who want to have more. Then, there are the Hash Browns, the perfect potato dish. Non-vegetarians can relish the Sausage McMuffin, a grilled chicken patty. You can end on a sweet note, with hot cakes.

New breakfast dishes on McDonald’s menu include the Dosa Masala Brioche, besides Classic and Masala Scrambled Eggs, Spinach, Corn and Hash Brown Brioches, and Waffles.

Bet you don’t need further persuasion to #UnSkipBreakfast!

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