Your Favourite French Fries May Not Be French


Yes, experts still debate about the origin of the now universally-loved, golden potato fries, and guess what, these fries may not be French after all.

As per a Belgian lore, villagers living in Meuse Valley used to fry and eat the fish they caught every day. However, during the winter months, the river would freeze, leading to a limited supply of fish. The villagers then started frying potatoes the same way. That may be how the first French Fries came into existence.

And, Belgians love their fries! They eat them with hands and mayonnaise is the topping of choice. Belgians boast of the most number of French Fries vendors in the world. They also have a museum called the French Fry Museum.

So where does the name “French Fries” come from?

It was during World War I when American soldiers stationed in Belgium were introduced to fries. The official language of the Belgian Army was French. So, the soldiers nicknamed the fries as French Fries.

French Fries are eaten in different ways across the globe. Americans enjoy fries with tomato ketchup. French like them with steak, while Canadians pour gravies on top and call it poutine. In Malaysia, they eat fries with chilli sauce. Belgians like their fries with cooked mussels or mayonnaise or with a fried egg on top.

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