Up-close With A McDonald’s Bun

Most of us, when we bite into a McDonald’s burger, focus on the filling, which is the aloo-tikki or the chicken patty. But what about the buns which hold them together?

Well, getting to know the buns can be an enjoyable journey. For starters, Mrs Bector’s is the major supplier of buns for McDonald’s. The company operates out of three bakeries located across India.

Have you noticed just how perfect a McDonald’s burger looks? It’s because every item is meticulously prepared. It’s as though every actor plays his part to perfection in a play.  Well, when it comes to the bun in question, every worker at the factory does play a part.

The moment they arrive at work, they take an air shower, then they wash their hands with sanitizer. Before approaching the baking area, they don a face mask as well as a hair mask. Gum boots come on next. These simple steps ensure that the hygiene levels inside the bakery are of premium quality.

The bakery machinery sieves the flour for the bun mechanically, removing any unwanted elements, so that your experience of eagerly biting into your favourite bun, is not interrupted by the discovery of any alien particle!

The buns are then peppered with sesame seeds and baked in a large oven to fetch the uniform colour and texture you love. The hot (though not cross) buns are left to cool. They are also examined to spot any less than perfect bun. They are then vacuum-packed, which helps them remain fresh, longer. They have a shelf life of five days.

Finally, a metal detector helps to spot any unwanted ingredient inside the bun. After this final check, they are ready to go! They are placed inside cartons and loaded in temperature-controlled trucks to be delivered to a McDonald’s restaurant.

So, you see, the Mac bun is as particular about hygiene as you.

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  1. 2016 OCT 04

    Good afternoon.

    Regarding hygiene.

    Production is one part.

    The weakest link is the transport and storage of raw materials outside your outlets.

    They are kept in the open, on foot paths which are not exactly clean, after removing from the vehicle, before taking inside the outlet.

    Have seen at numerous outlets early morning.

    Also, your transport vehicle drivers do not follow traffic rules.


    Jagdeep DESAI

    • Thank you for reaching out to us. At McDonald’s, we are very stringent about food safety and hygiene. Let us know when you visit your nearest McDonald’s next time and we will be happy to give you a
      guided restaurant tour so that you can see the entire food safety and storage process at our restaurants for yourself.

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