20 years: The Cheese Trail


This is a journey that starts early morning, as early as 5 am. Local milk sellers at Baramati, a small town in Maharashtra, ride their bicycles to travel about 2 kilometres and reach the nearest Schreiber Dynamix Dairy centre. Once collected, without wasting much time, the milk is stored in bulk coolers ensuring that it is fresh and safe for preparing cheese slices later on the same day.

Baramati always had a large population of cattle. But the cattle owners didn’t have an efficient system in which they could sell all of this milk. Their farms were scattered and milk collection centres were far-off. Milk, being a perishable product, was difficult to be sold at the right time. As a result, many farmers were opting out of business.

Schreiber Dynamix Dairy recognized this issue and set up bulk cooling stations with multiple number of tanks to collect the milk. So now, no matter how scattered the farms are, there is collection center nearby. Besides this, Schreiber Dynamix Dairy also has programs to educate the farmers about animal management to increase hygiene, cleanliness, disease control and genetic improvement to increase yield and ensure consistency in the quality of milk.

McDonald’s relationship with Schreiber Dynamix Dairy goes way back in the year 1996. Today, Schreiber Dynamix Dairy procures about 11, 000 litres of milk everyday exclusively for preparing cheese slices for McDonald’s.

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