And This Is How The McSpicyPaneer Came About

What makes the McSpicy™ Paneer Burger such a tantalizingly sought-after veg burger in India? Sure, it is a balanced blend of freshly baked bread and the tender, soft, crispy-coated paneer, but there is more.

It was the Indians’ love for paneer that McDonald’s tapped into when the paneer burger was created.

The challenge was that there wasn’t anyone who had tried to create a large-scale paneer burger when McDonald’s started mulling a McSpicy™ Paneer in 2009 to offer as a premium vegetarian product.

Before that, McDonald’s served paneer in the form of McCurry Pan, a combination of crumbled paneer nuggets. As customer feedback showed an increase in demand for a large slice of paneer filling, it prompted the introduction of the spicy paneer burger to its menu.

Little information about paneer processing in India meant that McDonald’s had to embark on a tough journey to mass-produce a spicy paneer ‘filet’ that would make just the right filling for the burger.

The first step was to create something new to replace the crumbled fillings inside the burger. This led to experimenting with a few options, such as having chutney in between two thin slices of paneer or stuffing spices into the paneer at the processing stage.

However, it was ultimately the spicy, breaded paneer filet that gave the perfect feel, taste, flavor, and texture that struck a chord with the customer.

And this is how the McSpicy™ Paneer Burger found its way into McDonald’s bestsellers.

Catch this indulgent paneer burger at McDonald’s at your nearest restraint. You can always order in through the McDelivery app or the McDelivery website. For discounts and deals on your meals, download the McDonald’s app.

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