Cooperative Leadership Is The Way To Go

‘In today’s corporate world, there is an ever-increasing amount of ambiguity that we have to deal with’. This ambiguity makes decision making a complex task. A leader should have the capability to retain his composure, ensure a stress free workplace and be flexible when looking for a solution.

Seema Nambiar, Vice President, People Resources at McDonald’s India (west and south), talks about how McDonald’s is adapting through an article in the Smart Manager magazine. According to Nambiar, the most important prerequisite is a change in the people’s mindset.

Nambiar believes that in the long term, the administration protocols should be flexible in order to create a more encouraging environment for the employees at the workplace. Hierarchy at work is slowly being replaced by collaboration and connection. Focus is shifting from rigid operations and processes to give the employees a more balanced lifestyle.

Managers at McDonald’s are trained to be understanding and aware so that they are able to effectively tackle any situation on the job. Confidence is vital for the managers so that they can make the right decisions as well as guide their teams. They are encouraged to learn from their mistakes and prioritize tasks at the workplace to ensure harmony.
Team building exercises, at McDonald’s, build trust and aim to make the team self-sufficient. Communication is another very important factor that has seen change. It is not just the leaders that address the employees but the employees are also given the opportunity to speak and provide inputs from their end which makes interactions more fluid and gives the leaders a well-rounded perspective. Learning at the job is paramount and employees are given countless opportunities for individual growth. Apart from work related training, employees get to pursue academic courses.

In midst of the various changes, what remains constant is the priority given to face-to-face meetings. The need to connect and communicate with others retains importance. The most important aspects of business are still discussed in person. The future of McDonald’s holds better cooperation between leaders and employees for an efficient modern workspace.

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