The Cone Or The Cup?

Ice cream is universally loved by people, whether it be on a harsh, sunny day or a chilly winter’s night. It has people drooling over it, regardless of their age. The smooth, creamy texture combined with numerous mouthwatering flavors strikes everyone’s fancy. There remains a debate, however, on whether an ice cream is more enjoyable when it comes in a cup as opposed to a crunchy McDonald’s ice cream cone. We’re here to ask, what is your preferred style?

To get to the bottom of this cone/cup dilemma, let us take a walk through history lessons. Cones came about in a fascinating turn of events ranging back to the 1904 World’s fair at St. Louis, Missouri. The fair had about 50 ice cream vendors along with over a dozen waffle stands. The day was a particularly hot one, causing ice cream to be in popular demand. Once the vendors ran out of paper cups, they rolled the waffles in shapes of cones to serve ice cream. Soon enough, there was no looking back for the cones.

Every single McDonald’s ice cream cone is unique. Every server and store have their own distinct styles of making the cones. While one might loop the soft serve ice cream into a cone in three swirls, another might gush it down the cone’s tail to let gravity do its work. The perfect proportion of bite and crunch is what sets our ice cream cones apart. Our customers who enjoy their ice cream with varying textures are big fans of McDonald’s ice cream cone.

On the other side of the fence, are the humble cup lovers, who are used to taking their time to cherish every spoonful of delight. These are the people who like to sit down with their beloved, being assured and knowing full well that not a single drop would be wasted. They relish the opportunity of loading their ice cream with various added toppings, like fruit bits, chocolate chips and nuts to make it even yummier. Also, the ones who want nothing to come between them and their desserts and want to have it plain and simple.

At McDonald’s, we believe in an equal voice for everyone and we cater to both cone and cup lovers. For our cone lovers, we serve our smooth vanilla soft serve ice cream in waffle cones. Our vanilla soft serve cone comes with a chocolate coating to make it an all-rounder dessert. The soft serve with chocolate and strawberry sauce is best suitable to have in cups. If you’re someone who enjoys a crunchy and creamy dessert, try out the Chocolate brownie soft serve and McFlurry. Take on our vanilla soft serve cone if you’re a fellow cone lover.

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