What makes McDonald’s burgers perfect for a rainy day?

Mohan woke up groggy to a grey morning of rain.

He waited for the clouds to clear but in vain.

By now, his stomach was grumbling.

He gazed out of the window of his apartment. The rain was still pouring.

He was about to turn back when his eye caught something colourful a small distance away.

The Golden Arches it was all the way!

Mohan couldn’t wait anymore.

Smiling ear-to-ear, he put on his hoodie, grabbed an umbrella, and dashed out of his fourth floor.

After some hopping over the puddles on the street, he reached the McDonald’s nearby.

The warm, bright restaurant, with the fragrant patties sizzling on the grill, felt welcoming to the eye.

In an instant, Mohan decided he’d order not one but both of his favourite McDonald’s burgers.

The Chicken Maharaja Mac would help him douse his hunger.

And the McVeggie Burger reminded him of the pakoras and cutlets his mother would prepare on such days of rain and thunder.

For him, both were the best McDonald’s burgers he had ever tried.

Mohan slowly relished their taste and savoured each bite.

He wondered what all went into these perfectly made treats.

Here’s how we make them so good and worthy of a feast.

The buns

We use four kinds of buns in our burgers—regular, whole wheat, sesame, and focaccia. The McVeggie, McSpicy Paneer, Chicken Maharaja Mac, McSpicy Chicken, and McChicken burgers come with sesame toasted buns, and the rest, with the regular ones. But you can ask for focaccia buns, too.

The patty

It’s the hero of all McDonald’s burgers! McDonald’s offers a variety of vegetarian- and chicken-patty-based burgers.

The McVeggie Burger patty includes peas, carrots, beans, onions, potatoes, and some rice flour.

Everybody’s favourite McAloo Tikki uses mashed potatoes, peas, and spices galore.

The McSpicy Paneer Burger features a large chunk of paneer—coated with breadcrumbs and flavoured with spices.

Our egg patties consist of steamed eggs shaped into discs.

The ingredients for our McChicken and other chicken-patty-based burgers comprise minced chicken and a host of spices, mixed and grilled to perfection.

Lastly, our soft fish filets are carved from fresh fish and then coated with breadcrumbs before they’re cooked well enough for your satisfaction.

The spices

What’s life without some spice? We can’t stop adoring the multitude of flavour-packed spices we source from Kerala—fresh and nice!

We aren’t just talking about the staple pepper and salt. We’re referring to the beautiful garam masala, bay leaves, ground ginger, garlic powder, paprika, cinnamon, and a special kind of magic masala that we use according to the recipe involved.

The sauces

Our smooth savoury sauces enhance the taste of our burgers. We use not one or two but about ten of them! These include the eggless mayonnaise in the McVeggie Burger, tomato mayonnaise in the McAloo Tikki Burger, tandoori mayo in the McSpicy Paneer Burger, veg sauce in the McSpicy Chicken Burger and McChicken Burger, tartar sauce in Filet-O-Fish, cocktail sauce in the Veg Maharaja Mac, and habanero sauce in the Chicken Maharaja Mac.

And then, there’s, of course, our tomato ketchup! Plus, a little crunch and ooze from fresh tomatoes, onions, and lettuce atop the patty between the toasted buns gorgeously perk the burgers up.

The cheese

How can we forget the cheese? When every bite comes alive with its gooey, creamy richness, nobody can refuse.

Also, McDonald’s ensures the high quality and freshness of ingredients by performing standardised tests and routine checks in its facilities. We source our ingredients from 35 different suppliers within India. Our Cold Chain unit makes it possible to deliver all goods fully intact to our restaurants.

So, every time you order a McDonald’s burger, either at the restaurant or through the McDelivery website or app, you’ll find that it is nothing but fresh, juicy, and drool-worthy

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