The Best Or The Right?


Are you hiring the best talent or the most effective talent? Is there a difference between the two? We will try and get to the bottom of this conundrum with some expert opinion from Ms. Seema Arora Nambiar, VP People Resources, McDonald’s India –West & South.

Ms. Nambiar says that while recruiting, managers tend to look at the best qualified of the talents before them and not look at the right talent for the job. While this may be done for the best interests of the organization, it is a mistake nonetheless. For instance, there may be two applicants for the same position and the HR Person invariably will pick up the most qualified person rather than the person who is fit for that position.


According to Ms. Nambiar “It is far better to seek bright, flexible and driven people and develop them into senior resources within the organization.”

That means, apart from having the skills relevant to the job, recruiters should also look at the right soft skills and candidates’ alignment to the culture, values and the ecosystem of the organization.

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