Take A Peek Into Our Kitchens

People often wonder what the kitchens of their favorite restaurants look like; is there a large burger making machine that puts the orders together or is there a magic chef concocting it all together? How the fries are cooked, salted and packed? Well at McDonald’s, one doesn’t need to wonder – they can walk up to the Restaurant Manager and ask for a tour of the facility at any of the restaurants!

Watch this video to get a quick glimpse into what you will find on a McDonald’s Kitchen tour. Ayush Shah, Deputy Manager – Restaurant Solutions Group, McDonald’s shows us how the kitchen is divided between veg and non-veg stations. Ayush then takes us through the burger assembling process in which there is an initiator who, after looking at the new order details on the screen, starts toasting the buns. After that, the buns are passed on to the next crew member who adds patties, salads and sauces. The entire process is governed by three crew members.

The video also takes us to the cold storage area where the raw products are neatly stacked.

It is to be noted that all McDonald’s products are stored at varying temperature points that keeps them in the best of shape – be it a crisp lettuce that sits in a chiller or that Fillet-O-Fish that has been stored at exactly the same temperature from the moment it has been processed.

Did you know you could ask for a kitchen tour yourself and get a behind the scenes look at how your favorite food is crafted for you – efficiently, fresh and delicious.

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