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McDonald's Meals

How good would it feel to see your favorite burger with a generous helping of fries and a smoothie, all ready for you on arriving home from work? Well, it’s possible with a single click on your phone or a laptop. The biggest boon of this digital era is a multitude of applications and services which take care of your daily needs, like laundry, bills, phone recharges, and most of all food.

Online food ordering has made it so easy for people that it seems like a vital part of daily routine. If you’re staying on your own or with friends the phrase “let’s order food” is heard almost 99 percent of the time over “let’s cook dinner!” Not just students and working professionals find it easy to manage their meals, but also working parents, who have to work and manage the household all together. They can simply order food for themselves, and their kids without having a working mom going through the hassle of cooking for more than two people every day.

Nothing can beat the comfort of your home. Eating your favorite meal in your snug bed, in a pair of boxers is priceless. What’s more comforting is taking as much time as you want to decide your order. With online ordering you can go through the menu at leisure, thinking and re-thinking what you want to eat. Even if you happen to change your mind several times, all you have to do is click your mouse and delete an item off your order. Your sole focus is on the food you want to eat.

On the other side, the restaurants are becoming more efficient. They get exact orders, reducing the chance of human errors to almost negligible. It also allows the restaurants to reach out to new customers, where it is not possible to set up stores. Online ordering makes it much savvier to maintain a steady flow of customers. Owing to this technological headway McDonald’s in West and South India, through its 113 restaurants delivering to customers, grew their delivery business by over 30% in FY15, primarily driven by the growth in their online ordering business of 300%.

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