Saucy Chipotle Wraps With Benefits


The Saucy wraps come with fiery Chipotle sauce which is known for its spicy yet somewhat sweet taste, made with ripe-red jalapeno peppers which are smoked to perfection. Chipotle Sauce gives wraps a rich and smoky flavor. But the interesting part is these chipotle peppers have a lot of nutritional value besides their great taste.

Chipotle peppers are moderately rich in vitamin K, essential for the production of platelets that clot blood. Vitamin K helps to heal wounds and ulcers. This vitamin may also help prevent osteoporosis by enhancing your body’s ability to use calcium from food and supplements.

In fact, recent studies have shown that adding capsaicin-rich food, like chipotle peppers to your diet can help you lose weight as well. Chipotle contains capsaicin which stimulates consistent fat oxidation, rather than storage, so fat is turned into useful, functional energy.

Amazing sauce, Isn’t it? What’s in it besides jalapeno? Well, some water, tomato paste, honey, vinegar,  molasses, salt, dried chipotle chilies and spices. And you know what else is in it? Awesomeness, loads and loads of it.

So have you got your daily dose of chipotle today?

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