‘I Missed My Extended Family And Am So Happy I Returned’ – Shashikala U

McDonald's Trainee Manager

I first joined McDonald’s in 2008 soon after I finished my 2nd year pre-university course. My friend inspired me to join as I saw how quickly she was promoted and how happy she was at her job. Despite having studied in Kannada right up till my 10th standard, I was never made to feel out of place and in fact the team encouraged me to constantly learn – be it English, new procedures and techniques or basic life skills. I worked for 5 years and then thought I would explore my opportunities in the QSR industry.

Within a year and a half I was back! I missed the culture of teamwork, of constantly learning and the joy of working with my extended family. My family was also thrilled when I resumed working at McDonald’s as I would go home both happy and proud. The constant recognition and avenues for growth spurred me to succeed and today I am a Trainee Manager and I am pursuing my BBA. I enjoy teaching my junior colleagues and passing on the lessons I learnt at McDonald’s to a new generation.

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