Hindustan Times, McDonald’s And Ayushman Khurana Come Together For Orphanage


What pleasures of life would you enjoy if you were presented with a No TV Day? Would it be Khana Peena, singing songs or maybe even meeting a role model for a chat? Well, the occupants of St. Catherine of Siena’s orphanage in Bandra, Mumbai, were faced with the piquant choice of what to opt for over the weekend of May 29 which was dedicated to No TV Day. This fresh new initiative, organized by Hindustan Times and McDonald’s, thankfully presented the orphans with all three.

The chief guest was Ayushman Khurana. The day was a perfect rendition of what can happen when you aren’t a passive recipient to TV. Ayushman sang songs to the orphans and they also joined in. He talked to them about what can be done if you are unwilling to be passive and are an active member of society. Of course, he gave children McDonald’s Happy Meals as well.

TV has become the low-cost, low-effort investment for society. Ayushman said on his involvement with the cause, “It is not only about doing some physical activities but also about doing something substantial which we tend to overlook in our day-to-day life. Hence, this is a perfect day to extend a helping hand to the less fortunate ones”.

According to Kedar Teny, Director-Marketing at McDonald’s, “This summer, we started a conversation with our customers by nudging them to go #KuchPalOffline. Ayushman’s visit to the orphanage, we believe, is a way of inspiring people of the many things that can be done, if one chooses to go offline.”

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