It’s A Wrap

Aloo Wrap @ McDonald's

What does the word “wrap” mean to you? Could it mean you are done for the day? Could it mean you are snuggled into your wrap/quilt for the night? Or could it mean you are peckish and deserve a treat? The best, of course, would be for all three to happen at once. You are done for the day, you are closely wrapped up in your quilt, and you have got a nice, juicy, McAloo Wrap from McDonald’s in your plate. That Is true comfort food.

This wrap from McDonald’s has the legendary McAloo patty, which is wrapped in baked tortilla, with generous helpings of fresh, succulent lettuce, crunchy onions and the tangy chipotle sauce. All five ingredients come together to produce a tasty snack, which you can gorge on while lazing around or simply grab it on the go.

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