Thrill Feast


You turn on the TV and settle in for cricket’s biggest extravaganza.

The bowler comes steaming in… a dot ball… the towering batsman gets a measure of the bounce. You take a deep breath, the batsman exhales… you gawk, he glares. Ball two… hefted over mid-wicket for a six. You smile, yet sit forward in tense anticipation… what next? Ball three… a straight drive to the boundary. You grin… relax your shoulders. Ball four… lofted over cover… high in the air… fielder lining up… but it’s over the boundary… exhale! Ball five… pushed between the gaps… a quick single… will they make it to the crease? They do… phew! Ball six… you watch in stunned silence as the middle stump lies shattered … as are you.

So much emotion in just one over and you have 19 more to survive through! On an empty stomach?Impossible. McDelivery to the rescue. Dial, order and you are set for the game of the day. Burgers to satiate, McNuggets to chomp on in eager anticipation and McFriesto celebrate (or use to keep a count of the number of times Gayle actually ran a quick single!) Let the cricket begin!

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