The King Of Aloo Tikkis


The McAloo Tikki is a bit of a celebrity burger having been talked about with as much enthusiasm as munched hungrily across India, the Middle East and Singapore.

The McAloo Tikki was an Idea whose time had come when it was first introduced. Even today, it continues to woo Indian hearts with a combination of a potato and peas patty with special Indian spices coated with breadcrumbs, topped with sweet tomato mayo, fresh onions and tomatoes in a regular bun.

But this iconic product is much more than just another burger. CNBC has used the McAloo Tikki Burger as the index of economic well being while Australian food sites have voted for its inclusion in the Australian McDonald’s menu.

What possibly makes the humble McAloo Tikki burger such a celebrity is how people around the world have been able to relate to the simplicity of a very tasty burger.

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