‘KuchPalOffline’ @ McDonald’s

McDonald’s through its latest campaign aims to encourage people to go offline for some time with the tagline “KuchPalOffline McDonald’s aake share kar le” and invites them to reconnect in the real world with friends and families and share good times over good food. McDonald’s campaign invites customers to take a break from the online world and connect with friends and family in real time – and what better place to do so than at McDonald’s where they could catch up with friends and family over their favourite products.

According to Kedar Teny, Director- Marketing & Digital, McDonald’s India West & South, “Today we are a lot more distracted – physically present and mentally absent – accentuated by the smartphone in our hands. This summer, McDonalds is urging people to go offline for a while. All we are saying is go offline for some time; be present in the moment and share in the real world. Simply put we want to start a conversation and a movement amongst our customers with #KuchPalOffline.”

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