Inspired To Succeed: Barun Jena

Barun Jena receiving the Ray Kroc Award

“I joined McDonald’s in Pune as a Trainee Crew in 2008. I came from Balasore, a remote village in Orissa. However, this did not matter to anyone I worked with at the restaurant. I worked hard with the aim of building a career for myself in the fast-growing food service industry. My managers and the team at McDonald’s constantly encouraged me to go above and beyond, challenging me and inspiring me to give my best. My hard work was recognized over the years through awards and accolades and that drove me to do even better and climb higher. I was elated when I was presented with the prestigious Ray Kroc Award, which recognizes the top managers from across McDonald’s restaurants globally. ”

– Barun Jena, recipient of the Ray Kroc Award.

McDonald’s not only gave this young boy from a small village a job, they helped him build a successful career. If you have the attitude to learn and grow, McDonald’s has the career for you!

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