From Farm To Cup – The Life Of A Coffee Bean

Coffee_Beans_McDonalds_McCafeThere are many steps that the humble coffee bean travels through before transforming into the rich flavour and dense aroma of your favourite brew.

Starting off its life as a vibrant white bunch of coffee blossoms that spring to life in late February each year, a cluster of beans is nourished on the branches of a coffee bush over 8 to 9 months. The verdant green bead transforms, under the shade of leafy trees and through heavy monsoon rains, into a luscious ruby red fruit.

Picked by hand, the fruit is either sun dried in total or ‘pulped’ to remove the skin, and the naked beans are sun dried. The resultant golden ‘parchment’ bean is next processed and graded by size, weight and quality parameters.

The humble bean is then roasted to perfection, releasing essential oils that help it attain a luscious, dark colour and mouth-watering flavour that coffee is popular for. Blended with different beans and finally ground to a smooth powder, the bean is now ready to be drenched in steaming hot water and satiate your quivering taste buds!

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