Cold Chain: The Lifeline Of McDonald’s Make In India

Fresh Lettuce

A whopping 96% of McDonald’s India products and supplies are sourced from Indian suppliers – be it those crisp, fresh lettuce or the golden French fries. And ensuring that products reach nice and fresh without the strain of the journey is a cold chain that McDonald’s India has set up over the years with its Indian partners.

Just to get a sense of what that involves, here is a quick sketch: Buns and patties go out from plants in Taloja and Noida and Ludhiana. Fresh lettuce is grown in Maharashtra, Ooty and Nainital while processed Cheddar cheese comes from Baramati. A slew of different products, each of which needs to be stored in a specific manner at a specified temperature.

The cold chain distribution system involves transfer of state-of-the-art food processing technology by McDonald’s and its international suppliers to pioneering Indian enterprises who today are an integral part of McDonald’s cold chain.

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