Fortune Foods This Chinese New Year

Every year in the Chinese calendar is celebrated as the year of one animal associated with it. They can be ox, rat, ram, snake, dog, rabbit, dragon, tiger, horse, rooster, monkey and pig. The festival is a 15-day celebration with reunions, family feasts, food and practices that are believed to bring good luck in the coming year.

This year, it’s the year of the Goat/Sheep/Ram! Traditionally they list out eight delicacies which are supposed to be auspicious for you. Why eight? Because the sound for eight is similar to the sound of  wealth. In India, we have listed out four of these ingredients which you can find at McDonald’s all across the country.

Lettuce : It is available in plenty at McDonalds as a complement to other foods.  The Cantonese word for lettuce sounds like “growing fortune,” so make sure you get enough of this green wonder food.

Lettuce @ McDonald's

Fish : The Chinese word for fish is yu, which sounds like the word for surplus and excess—which the Chinese take as “more fortune.” The McDonald’s equivalent is Fillet of Fish.


Chicken : In China, whole chicken is special for celebrations, since usually chicken is diced into smaller pieces in dishes. There are many options for these from Chicken McNuggets, to Maharaja Mac with Chicken to the Chicken McGrill.

Chicken @ McDonald's

Eggs : Shanghainese-style egg rolls are egg rolls which have a thinner wrapping and their golden shape look like gold bars. The Indian equivalent is the Egg McMuffin.

Egg McMuffin

So, ancient Chinese philosophers say that if you have enough of these through the year, your fortune will grow and grow.

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