Women Power: Symbol Of Change

Women_power @ McDonald's

“Three years ago, Rubina Qureshi, a sprightly commerce student from a well-to-do family in Mumbai, defied her dad when she started working at McDonald’s. That was the first time 21-year-old Qureshi, who usually wears long kurtis over jeans, tucked her shirt in to her trousers. “My father is conservative and he refused to talk to me for a year about my work,” says Qureshi, who quickly climbed up the ranks from crew member to floor manager.

Right now, in a cap, her hair tied up in a bun and her blue shirt tucked into her black pants, she is instructing a male crew member to clean a table. Her father now sometimes drops in at the burger outlet to proudly watch her work.

From the Times of India, Pants & Prejudice

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