A Lot Happens Over A Cup of Kapi

McCafe Barista

Had an hour to kill because the girlfriend was late again.

I walked into a café to catch a cup of coffee.  I was thinking of what to order when the barista (what do you call a female barista) came over. Let’s see what happens over a cup of coffee, was the first thing that came to my overactive mind! Then she asked me what I wanted and rattled off the names of the coffees available over there.

I was quite surprised as I’d always associated McDonalds with only one coffee – nice coffee but only one! So I ordered a Latte. While my coffee was ready, she came over to give me all the gyaan associated with McCafes. That they served pastries and sandwiches, and coffees which were made from the exotic beans, and that they came from parts of the world I’d never even heard of! That McDonald’s has very aggressive plans for McCafes, opening 150 new McCafe stores over the next three years.

I was totally fascinated by the world of McCafe (especially their baristas). So much so that I almost missed my girlfriend glaring at me when she came in and saw me chatting to Priyanka (of course the barista had a name!). I will be coming back for my refresher course at McCafe’s very soon.

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