Nothing Artificial For Me Please

Artificial preservatives have been shown the door by McDonald’s India now. This hasn’t happened overnight though. A series of steps have been taken by McDonald’s India in the last 6-7 years to ensure that food served at the outlets match the expectations of the new age customers.

No Preservatives

McDonald's burger
McDonald’s has always been committed to using minimal processes to deliver the best products to its consumers. As a part of the same commitment, McDonald’s India does not use preservatives in its patties anymore.

No artificial colours

McDonald's burger
If our Maharaja Mac patties look perfect golden, don’t give any credit to artificial colours. It’s all au naturel. Just enjoy the great taste and don’t worry about any artificial stuff.

Added dietary fibre

McDonald's patty

All said and done, we do add something extra to our patties. We add extra dietary fibre to them. These fibres make sure less oil is absorbed during frying and grilling of the patties and of course they are good for digestion.

Have more queries about the nutritional aspects of our menu items? Check out our website where you can click on each menu item and know all about it.

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