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The Best Movie Tie-ins At McDonald’s

Everybody has that one movie companion without which a movie experience is incomplete for them. It could be a best friend, popcorn, fries, or large glass of Coca Cola. Who do you think is a Happy Meal’s favorite movie companion?

McDonald’s, with its movie tie-ins, creates opportunities for customers to bring their much-loved movie characters to life. How? By giving out movie inspired toys along with Happy Meals. The themed toys are not just for kids, but for adults too, who love to create collections of movie memorabilia. Let’s take a look at some widely popular movie tie-ins at McDonald’s in India.

Minions: So after Despicable Me franchise came along the Minions Movie. McDonald’s collaborated with the Universal Studios to bring minions to its restaurants. The Banana McFlurry and 10 collectible toys were the highlight of the tie-in. How many collectible minion figurines do you have?

Minions @ McDonald's

Madagascar and The Penguins of Madagascar: When a bunch of animals escaped from the New York Central Zoo, they came down to McDonald’s in the form of Happy Meal toys. Adventures of Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria assisted by the four absconding penguins fascinated kids and adults alike.

Madagascar Penguins @ McDonald's

Transformers: Shape shifting robots fighting to save the earth captured the audience in their battle. And after every battle one needs replenishment, which comes in as Happy Meals. People loved the movie and more than that taking home the thrill of the battle with Happy Meal Transformers toys.

Transformers @ McDonald's

Spiderman: Marvel comic’s superhero Spiderman casted its web on McDonald’s too. The Spiderman masks and jumping Spiderman figurines created a lot of excitement and the movie fans simply loved this tribute to their epic hero.

Spiderman @ McDonald's

Hotel Transylvania: The friendly Dracula who befriends humans is back again at McDonald’s. A spooky joy ride, the movies entails a “monster-in-training” boot camp for Drac’s son to learn ways of being a vampire. You can create your own training program, not to become a monster of course, but to have fun with your friends, with Hotel Transylvania toys that come with Happy Meals available across stores now.

Hotel_Transylvania @ McDonald's

So, to answer the question who will be a Happy Meal’s favourite movie companion, you may have guessed by now that it’s certainly the great toys.


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