Ayush from IHM Mumbai loves cooking and has a knack of presenting his food in a unique way. Born to Kashmiri parents who moved to Punjab, Ayush has grown up loving cuisines of both the states. Butter Chicken and Mutton Yakhni for lunch? Yes please. Ayush believes that the secret to good food is fresh, good quality ingredients. Through Chef Challenge, Ayush wants to learn and experience new things.

Heramban has come to India all the way from Sri Lanka. Two things have always interested him in life- cooking and eating. He is excited to participate in the Chef Challenge because he gets to showcase his skills and talent in the contest. But more than anything else, Heramban is simply honored to be associated with McDonald’s. “Whether I win or lose, I will still be happy and proud. I will walk with a McSmile in my heart,” he says.

Sapar from IHM Ahmedabad is an all-rounder. He loves to sing, act and dance, while his passion lies in cooking. Sapar realized he should follow his dreams, during his Bachelor in Commerce days. So he joined IHM and embarked upon his journey of becoming a chef. He is thrilled to be one of the finalists in Chef Challenge. It was the idea of creating his own burger and cooking side by side with the best candidates that motivated him to participate.

Punya is the quiet one, but one can instantly see a passion for cooking in her eyes. Born in Mysore and lived in Bangalore, Mumbai and Hyderabad, she loves a variety of local cuisines. Punya plans to open her own café someday. In the meantime, she is enjoying her hotel management classes and loving the fact that she is one of the six shortlisted candidates in the Chef Challenge.

Siddharth Asrani from Bangalore is fashionable, loves dogs, and is passionate about cooking. He always liked to participate in contests, but what actually inspired him to participate in the Chef Challenge is his admiration for McDonald’s and its breakfast sandwiches.  Siddharth wants to run his own restaurant someday.

Yash is originally from Delhi and is currently studying at IHM Hyderabad. He is constantly on a lookout for new recipes. Yash believes in the virtues of hard work, honesty and persistence. For him, cooking is all about achieving that fine balance of being innovative and keeping in mind the preferences of customers.

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