Women Employees Rock The Show

McDonalds Women Employees

Without a doubt, women are making a difference across corporate India. McDonald’s is a perfect example where women play key roles across various functions and hierarchies. About 22% of the 7,500 employees at McDonald’s West & South are women and close to 20% of all corporate office level employees are also women.

Women employees rock the show across levels at McDonald’s, be it in the restaurants or kitchens, in roles as diverse at crew staff, chefs, baristas, celebrating their careers and the joy of womanhood.

McDonald’s recognizes and celebrates women employees through various initiatives. The Women’s Champ Program drives initiatives to encourage and reward women employees and ensures gender equality across operations and strives to improve gender ratio ever year. Efforts by the team have ensured that in markets across South India, women employees now constitute about 33% of the total strength!

The restaurant management team at McDonald’s India has also made some interesting observations in restaurants where there is a good male:female employee ratio. Restaurants with a strong base of women score better on friendliness as a customer service parameter and there are fewer disciplinary issues in these restaurants. More power to the women at McDonald’s!

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